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Welcome to our Health and Wellness Corner. We have been studying nutrition in depth and the role it plays in our overall health as well as our oral health. Dentistry has always been a preventive profession. Our goal has always been to try and prevent disease in the mouth yet the different medical professions have fallen short in educating the public on how to prevent disease. You may have heard me say "my goal is for you to have your teeth when you are 85." Now we are looking for a way for your overall health to be better and for you to age gracefully.

We have been studying the role nutrients play in our overall health. My research has led me to understand that the individuals that eat healthy and consume 9-13 fruits and vegetables per day are the healthiest with the least amount of disease. Of course your gene makeup is also important. My problem is that I have a hard time eating that many fruits and vegetables even when I think about it. In order to help this problem, I turned to supplements. For years, I have been an emotional vitamin taker. I would read a cardiac newsletter and put myself on something. I would hear from a friend that another vitamin/supplement was good and start taking it but I didn't know if I really needed it. Being on the scientific side, I explored what the best supplements are, why some are of better quality than others and why some are absorbed into our cells better than others. My main concern was how to gauge if someone needed to eat better or even take supplements.

I was introduced to the Biophotonic scanner which is the only scientifically backed machine in the world that gauges the carotenoids in our skin. This is a marker of 65 antioxidants. If you have a high reading you are basically in good health with less chance of disease. If your number is low you are potentially setting yourself up for disease. Having a gauge is very important in assessing one's health as a blood test to a physician can assess cholesterol or glucose,etc.

We have introduced this scanner in our practice and it is a simple noninvasive test that takes only 90 seconds. Even if you feel you are maximizing your health this scan can help you determine if your diet and supplements are providing you the nutrients you need for optimal health.

Please explore this web page. An easy way to start is to watch the 7 short videos below. Another interesting audio is called the "Antioxidant Miracle".

Patient Education

The fight to be healthy
the fight to be healthy

Protecting your Cellular Health
protecting your cellular health

How do I know I am protected
how do i know i am protected

The Difference Demonstrated
the difference demonstrated

The Difference Studied
the difference studied

Antioxidant Supplementation
antioxidant supplementation

Making a Difference
making a difference


We are excited to help you understand your health to a deeper level.

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We will be adding articles, videos, and testimonials as we learn more. Please check back for further updates. If you have a question or wish us to research something for you please let us know.

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